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Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to influence, teach, and inspire. It forges connections among people, and between people and  ideas. When it comes to our values, our communities, and our institutions, we  understand intuitively that the stories we hold in common are an integral part of the ties  that bind us. 

This understanding also holds true in the development world, where real stories, shared  by diverse groups of survivors, help solidify empathy in a way that factual statements  encapsulated in bullet points or numbers fail to. 

Swayong stories strive to create a sense of connection. They build familiarity and trust,  and allow outsiders to enter the story, making them more open to learning. And stories  are more engaging than a dry recitation of data points or a discussion of abstract ideas.



OUR Mission

স্বয়ং - Swayong aims to dismantle social injustices through one story at a time. We want to  create safe, inclusive, and constructive spaces for conversation and growth. Our content  will encourage people to interact meaningfully with sensitive topics, breaking down  inhibitions about ‘shameful’ issues.

OUR values

Power of the Collective


Amplified Voices


Meaningful Change


Empowering Individuals



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Swatil Mahmud

Founder and CEO

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Maliha Tamanna

Chief of Staff

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Deblina Datta

Coordinator, Translation (E to B)

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Mitul Mahmud


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Nujhat Jabin

Program Coordinator

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Zumainah Khan

Coordinator, Public Relations

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Md Muntasir

Advisor to the CEO

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Anika Tahsin

Coordinator, Editorial

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Sumia Islam

Coordinator, Human Resources

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Suravita Basak

Country Lead

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Faruque Ratul

Coordinator, Translation (B to E)

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Safwaan Azmi

Coordinator, Marketing


Join our vibrant and ever-growing team of "Swayong Warriors". Swayong warriors are the heart and soul of all our activities to dismantle social injustices! 

Our work requires graphics designers, writers, translators, editors and professionals who are experts in project management, advocacy and campaign. 

Write to us if you are passionate about social justice and want to contribute to the best of your abilities. 

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