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Md Muntasir

Advisor to the CEO

Md Muntasir

I have been working in the development sector for a decade with an aim to ensure social justice and to uphold rights of the marginalized in a hostile ecosystem. Social justice is at the core of my professional and personal life, and I believe true change can be affected through systemic revolution. So, when I heard about the idea about creating a platform where lost voices can be heard from the founder duo of Swayong, Swatil and Mitul, I jumped in as the Technical Lead to materialize that idea. 

The world is digital now, especially in light of the post COVID-19 pandemic world, transformational digital technology has proven to be the most effective solution. Simultaneously, this crisis has also revealed the glaring digital divide among us and has raised serious concerns about digital access and safety. 

We, at Swayong, have created a safe digital space for those who want to share their stories with the world. Stories put faces to powerful ideas, make those more relatable, and motivate people to take a stand against oppressive and unjust systems. Through technology and social media, we can spread these stories far and wide, connecting more and more people every day to the cause of equity. 

We aim to fight social injustice, harnessing the power of technology and social media, one story at a time. Please join us in this fight against all kinds of oppression and injustice and be allies to ensure a better world for all.

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