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What’s All the Fuss about Feminism (Part 2)

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In this blog series, we discuss the reasons and ‘bad logic’ people use to oppose feminism and our opinions on these arguments. In Part 1 , we addressed the claim that "women already have equal rights" by highlighting how women still lack equal rights in many areas. In Part 2, we will delve into more of these arguments!

2.        I'm a Man, So I Can't Be a Feminist

Anyone can be a feminist. You don't have to be black, gay, a woman, or indigenous to advocate for social justice and equality. As a man, being a feminist means:

  • Accepting that patriarchy exists and being born male is a privilege.

  • Recognizing the victims of this oppressive system and listening to understand.

  • Standing up to misogyny in any form.

  • Actively working to break the cycle of inequality that harms everyone.

3.        Feminism Is Sexist Against Men/It Is a ‘Hate Movement’

This argument is like saying "all lives matter" to suppress "Black Lives Matter." It ironically proves the need for feminism by admitting men are privileged and feel 'hurt' by attempts to equalize the balance.

Imagine a playground where one kid, let's call him Jodu, has been hogging all the swings forever. When the other kids finally speak up and say, "Hey Jodu, let’s all take turns," Jodu throws a fit and claims it’s unfair. That's not discrimination against Jodu; it’s just levelling the playing field. Oppressors can't suddenly claim to be the victims when asked to share the swings. And no, feminists are not a bunch of lesbians who hate men. It's about elevating everyone equally.

4.        I Enjoy Being Feminine

There are two parts to this argument. First, the standards of being 'feminine' are set by a misogynistic society. Second, feminism states that women have the right to decide their own life choices, including a 'traditional feminine' lifestyle if they choose. Feminists protest established gender roles because they were created to subjugate women. If all women were free to choose their roles and someone chose to be a homemaker, it wouldn't be an issue. But accepting subjugation is where it gets problematic.

5.        Women and Men Are Not Equal in Terms of Physical Strength and 'Think' Differently

A classic! But no, there is no 'male' or 'female' brain. All our brains are a “mosaic” of so-called feminine and masculine features. Social constructs of brain functions harm everyone.

Physical features are more complex. Evolution gave us different physical features for reproductive roles. Society accentuated these roles and confined each sex to them. When someone says girls are weaker than boys, consider this: girls have not been raised like boys for generations. Give a girl a football instead of a doll for 10 generations, and we might see physical strength similarities. Without a controlled experiment, no one can say female physical features are any less than male counterparts.

Even if we accept that male and female members have different roles and physical features, why are they termed 'inferior'? 'Different' and 'inferior' do not mean the same thing. No one can be deprived of human rights because they are 'different.' This logic was used by slave owners and Nazis.

6.        Feminists Are Angry at the World

Can you blame them? Getting teased and harassed daily, constant abuse at home and work, getting paid half as much for working twice as hard, and hearing how “females” are inferior would make anyone angry.

7.        The Internet: The Great Equalizer, But Not for Women

Myth: The internet has levelled the playing field for everyone. Reality check: It’s brought more issues for women. Digital harassment includes cyberstalking, online threats, non-consensual sharing of intimate images, and trolling. Women are often targeted with gender-based abuse, which can be deeply traumatic and damaging.

We will end this rant by saying that feminism exists on a spectrum from moderate to radical. Instead of making decisions based on sensational news reports or influencers, we would all benefit from some self-reflection and research (albeit from valid & reliable sources).

Let’s ensure Equity for All.

Read the first part of the blog here: What's All the Fuss about Feminism (Part 1)

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