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Pause. Reset.

If you are reading this, be grateful.

If you’re feeling grateful to have access to a mobile phone that has internet for which you can pay on your own without even thinking how the online payment works, then stop.

Stop pretending to be blind or blessed.

Stop saying you’re entitled to it or you’ve earned it.

If you still believe you did, then just say it.

Say that all of these were made possible by the women before us.

You feel cool labeling yourself as a climate activist. You pat your back signing up against animal cruelty. You tick the box on an HR survey form for gender sensitivity. Yet you’re scared to identify yourself as a feminist. I fight for “gender equality” is what you preach.

Now you’re free of all labels.

There were suffragettes.

There were feminists.

And they all thought their march would end the need for our march.

Here we are. Starting all over to define what a feminist looks like.


Samina Yasmin is a regular contributor to

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