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The goals of this topic:

 Normalize breasts/bra

  1.  Start conversation about breasts/ bra

  2.  Stop hyper-sexualization of breasts/bra

Your Body, Your Choice Breasts & Bra Ser

This series was done to break the silence around integrating the stories of marginalized hijra/transgender communities living in Bangladesh.

The main reason for having this series was to share the untold stories of people belonging to the hijra/transgender communities. It was a great challenge for Swayong to gather the stories for this series because people felt afraid and ashamed to share the injustices that have happened to them. But many came forward, and Swayong shared some of the most thought-provoking stories in the history of Swayong. Also, when Swayong was approached for this collaboration, the main reason for working together was the sense of unity that this collaboration had to offer as the collaboration consisted of many different and unique organizations working for the same cause.

Transgender Awareness Week.PNG

The number of female solo travelers has skyrocketed, but amid Instagram-worthy escapades are tales of violence and horror, raising questions about how the world is greeting women who travel alone. Hence, Swayong and Wander Woman joined hands to raise awareness about women who travel alone.

 The founder of Wander Woman and the founders of Swayong are good friends and have travelled together. During a trip in Sunamganj, the founders of both the organizations and the other women travellers were harassed by a man. We eventually got the man to go to jail but the whole experience left us shaken. Hence, our own personal horror of travel experience motivated us to do this series.

Horrors of Travel.JPG.jpeg

Swayong’s founders are members of the coalition, Feminists Across Generations, and we are declaring gender-based violence a national emergency. Swayong will be sharing stories for this series from Sunday 8 November 2020.

Rage Against Rape.JPG.jpeg

Transgender Awareness Week takes place every year between November 13 and 19, and it's a time for transgender people and their allies to highlight the community, share their stories and talk about the issues they face every day.


Therefore, Swayong, TransEnd and Voice Your Story has come together to raise awareness about transgender issues in Bangladesh. The first story will be shared on 13 November.

Swayong & RYC Global_Silent the Silence

Swayong’s founders are members of the coalition, Feminists Across Generations, and we are declaring gender-based violence a national emergency.

unnamed (17).jpg

These stories have been sent to us through our Page inbox. We appreciate all the love and support of our readers and Storytellers. At Swayong, we encourage you to come forward and share your stories with us. Because storytelling is important, and helps us to dismantle social injustices.

Self-submitted Stories.png

স্বয়ং - Swayong and WeMen View collaborated to bring light to the issue of Sexual Harassment in Public Places. WeMen View along with স্বয়ং - Swayong wanted to uproot this vicious practice of sexual harassment by creating awareness through storytelling. 

When WeMen View approached Swayong for the collaboration, Swayong was only a month old, and WeMen View had already been working for some time. It was an honour for Swayong to work with the amazing founder and team of WeMen View.

Swayong & WeMen View - Sexual Harassment

স্বয়ং - Swayong and Digital Khichuri Challenge came together to change the perception of our society and reduce discrimination against the COVID-19 frontline workers.

 When Swayong became the runner up for the Digital Khichuri Challenge COVID-19 Edition in the Ideation level in August 2020, my sister and I knew from the beginning whose stories we will be telling through স্বয়ং – Swayong. We decided to address the gender-based issues that female frontline warriors like healthcare workers, hospital staff, aid workers, and journalists have been facing during the dreadful pandemic.

Female Frontline Warriors.JPG.jpeg

International Day of the Girl celebrates the importance, power, and potential of girls around the world. It is also a day to highlight girls’ needs and the particular problems they can face, and drive efforts that meet these needs and fulfil their rights – not benevolently for them, but in partnership with them. Hence, Swayong shared stories of a girl child to celebrate International Day of the Girl Child 2020.

International Day of the Girl Child 2020

Swayong Storytellers are sharing their stories with Shadhin Music App through podcast episodes. It is a long-term collaboration.

Swayong Shonglap.jpg.jpeg

In 2020, World Teachers’ Day will celebrate teachers with the theme “Teachers: Leading in crisis, re-imagining the future”. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly added to the challenges faced by already over-extended education systems throughout the world. Hence, Swayong shared stories of a few brilliant teachers to celebrate World Teacher’s Day 2020.

World Teacher's Day 2020.JPG.jpeg

Child rape cases and sexual abuse cases have been on the rise in Bangladesh. However, the issue has not been given enough light and action. Hence, Swayong will be collecting stories related to sexual abuse faced by children in February 2021.

Child abuse4.jpg


Additional Information:

Swayong has its own talk show called, আঙ্গুর ফল টক where we talk about টক things! It is another venture by Swayong to dismantle social injustices through interactive live sessions.

Stay tuned more live sessions in the near future, we'll be announcing them on our social media accounts, so please do follow us to stay updated.

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