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Md. Nahid Hassan, Coordinator, Human Resource Team

Hello, this is Nahid, the HR Coordinator at Swayong. I started my journey with Swayong in mid-2020 as a Translator. As an aspirant of being a social activist, I found Swayong as one of the prominent platforms where I can contribute towards positive change. The mission and vision of Swayong being a storytelling platform interest me most to get involved with the team. The way Swayong addresses each and every issue related to stereotypes and taboos and their approach to dismantling these taboos is very well thought and impactful. I love being a part of Swayong dismantling the stereotypes. 


As an HR Coordinator, I mostly oversee the communications with internal and external parties as well as the standard human-resource-related works. And as a Translator, I mostly work with real-life human stories which are a very fascinating yet sensitive part of Swayong. I thoroughly enjoy my two different yet most important roles at Swayong, I look forward to seeing Swayong being as one of the mainstream activism platforms in near future.

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